As proud as we are of the landscape awards we’ve earned over the years, we know the real measure of our worth is in the actual benefits you gain when we’re done at your home. It’s here where we put our focus: doing our best with the project at hand. Your landscape. With Environmental, you’ll have an award-winning team but, more importantly, an award winning landscape.

Our Process

  • Initial Appointment
and Setting Scope
  • Site Analysis and Measuring
  • Concept Development
  • Overall Hard Landscape Plan Development
  • Contract Signing and Deposit

Designing your new favourite place

Our landscape design phase is all about understanding you. We’ll start by discussing your ideas, needs, style preferences, space considerations. We can then offer design recommendations and innovative ideas for an inspired blend of natural and built elements. Our design objective is to create a space to reflect you and your lifestyle – and to make certain your investment delivers exceptional returns well into the future!

Master craftsmanship

When it’s time to get moving, we’re ready! With 60 years of experience coordinating landscape projects of all sizes, we’ve developed a process that works like clockwork. We’ll make sure you’re always informed on our progress, free to simply relax and feel good knowing it will be finished on time and on budget!

And of course, we’re happy to come back to keep it all looking perfect too.

Learn about our Maintenance Service

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