Design and construction of commercial landscapes is about developing properties to both look their best and function perfectly. From award-winning design to the highest standards in construction, with Environmental you can depend on a property that will always reflect beautifully on your business. With Environmental creating a beautiful space is also a sound investment.


Municipal construction projects are an important part of our portfolio. With decades of experience with civic properties, we have proven performance to get projects done on schedule and on budget, large or small. We invite you to give us a call – we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and/or tender on design concepts.

Green Roofs

Green roofs are a smart business decision on many fronts. They can significantly reduce  both air conditioning and heating costs by insulating the upper surface of the building. On a larger scale, they convert inhospitable dead space into a living and diverse plant community. This helps offset many of the most pressing urban problems such as a lack of biodiversity, excessive urban temperatures and too much stormwater. And as the popularity of the innovation grows, a green roof is an attractive, valuable feature for potential residents or buyers.

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